About Us

Goshen is a one-stop consulting group for potential startups and companies with interests to expand its reach in the fast-growing Southeast Asia markets and to tap on the networks in the region.

As part of the Goshen Group of companies, Goshen Consulting was established in 2007. Our initial consulting services are in serving individuals’ and companies’ financial needs.

Seeing the need to be part of startup communities where innovation flourishes and next-generation ideas grow, we expand beyond our consultancy services focused on bringing innovation to and from the region with aims to connect startups to crucial South East Asia markets and bring regional startups to the world.

Our contribution to help grow the ecosystem for stratup include not only providing living lab and Proof of Concept testing for commercialisation in areas of Travel, Hospitality, Events and Sustainability but also accredited by polytechnics to connect with unicorns in Indonesia for exposure and internship.

Foreign companies interested in expanding their business to the Southeast Asia market, our services help provide international companies with an understanding of South East Asian market through market research and business implementation services.

Business support services, which include startup and corporate incubation, CFO consulting, accounting, financial planning and analysis, merger, and acquisition, form part of our array of services.